Images : Terry Delmar


3rd Aug 2017 – Florimont  

Image Proofs 

No photoshop modifications 

All I’ve done is resized them all down by 80%.

How to find the Image numbers ?

 I created a new type of gallery with each image in Colour and B&W  

  1. Click on any image below      A Slide show will start 
  2. Use the navigation arrows  
  3.  Image names are displayed
    1. Colour = C-IMG_0123
    2. B&W = BIMG_0123

Email me or Write a « Comment on this page with your selected image numbers. (I receive an email when a comment is written)

1 Commentaire

  1. terry dimanche, 06 août 2017 — Auteur d'un article

    e.g C-IMG-0382 and BIMG-0382.. (I like both. )

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